Suki Chen

Suki Chen – Founder from Streakk

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Suki Chen is passionate about Blockchain Technology, Art and Investment. He had advised and assisted in launching 5 successful Blockchain projects and helped them raised over $600M.

He had been involved in numerous advisory boards and discussions at G-level, state enterprises and some of the largest conglomerate corporations for Blockchain technology implementations.

Suki Chen also founded a number of companies and education centres in Southeast Asia. He was Co-owner of Hotel De La Paix, Cambodia. He founded Stellar Agency, a multiple award-winning agency that has trained 10,000+ financial consultants, managers and directors in 16 countries.



Suki Chen has traveled across South East Asia region to speak and lecture on various topics such as Leadership, Business Development as well as mental health.

An avid Art collector, Suki also maintains an online Art gallery.

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