Earn money with Streakk

How can you earn money with Streakk? We took a closer look at the Streakk Token (STKK).

Making money with Streakk is very easy and there is a model for every type of customer.

You can choose to invest in just one Streakk Node and earn 2% per week passively for 100 weeks.

Or if you want to do staking with the Streakk Wallet and earn up to 28% staking rewards per year.

Another way to earn money with Streakk is to recommend this fantastic project and receive commissions.

1. The „HODL“ or also Hodeln (holding) of the STKK in a decentralized Wallet like the Streakk Wallet.

The easiest way to hod STKK (Streakk Coin) is to exchange USDT for STKK tokens at a provider like PancakeSwap, for example. You then store them in your decentralized Streakk wallet, hold them there and enjoy rising prices.

Geld verdienen mit StreakkQuelle: streakk.io

2. Staking of the Streakk STKK token and other cryptocurrencies on the Streakk wallet app.

Add your STKK tokens or other cryptocurrencies to the Streakk wallet. Benefit from the staking offered there!

The advantages of Streakk’s staking wallet are obvious:

  • Very high staking rewards (Staking the in-house STKK token, for example, earns you 20% per year).
  • You can take your cryptocurrencies out of staking at any time (no time commitment as with other providers)
  • 100% decentralized, Certik verified, secure wallet. Only you know your personal seed phrase (private key). So no one else can control your cryptos except yourself.

Register for free with Streakk! Then generate your personal cryptic ID (Cryptic ID) in the dashboard. Download the Streakk Wallet APP from one of the two APPStores for Apple or Android to your smartphone. Link the Streakk Wallet APP with the cryptic ID you just generated. Now transfer your STKK tokens or other cryptocurrency to your Streakk Wallet. In the app, you can now delegate (insert) your staked assets into the staking or withdraw (unstake) them at any time.

3. Buy Streakk Nodes to generate additional revenue streams

Buy Streakk Node

Buying a Streakk Node opens up 3 additional income streams:

  • Depending on the Streakk Node you buy, your Staking Rewards will increase by up to 8%. This would bring your total Streakk Token (STKK) Rewards up to 28% per year.
  • For a $100 Streakk Node, you will receive 2% higher Staking Rewards. From a $5,000 Node already 5% and when investing in a $25,000 Node a whopping 8% more Staking Rewards per year.
  • When you buy a node, Streakk gives you STKK tokens in the same value as the purchased node. These are then frozen for 100 weeks. After this time and the expected increase in the price of the STKK token, a significant increase in value can be expected. Then decide for yourself whether you want to cash out or invest again!
  • Over a period of 2 years you will receive a daily credit of your Node Rewards. This corresponds to a cash flow of 2% weekly. This way your invested capital is doubled. You can access the Cashflow account in your Dashboard at any time. The cashflow is calculated in USDT. However, in case of any payout by you, this will be paid out in STKK tokens. You can then transfer these to your Streakk Wallet and use them there for staking. If you do not want to do this but would rather have the amount paid out, you can exchange the STKK tokens for USDT at PancakeSwap, for example, and then have them paid out to your normal account via an exchange such as Binance.
  • If you don’t want to do any staking, you can of course just benefit as a customer from the daily rewards that come out of the node. Then 2% weekly cashflow or 8.66% per month applies to you.

A small note at the end:

The minimum withdrawal is currently $50 and there is a $10 withdrawal fee.

Recommend Streakk and earn from the bonus plan

You are convinced of Streakk yourself and want to share this great news with the world? Perfect, because what could be better than someone who is convinced and then introduces a product to his friends, acquaintances and colleagues. It doesn’t get much better than that and if you get commissions on your Streakk dashboard, it doesn’t get much better than that. You earn on every recommendation and this in 15 levels. A tutorial on the „Streakk Bonus and Affiliate Program“ can be found here.

Important note: Commissions from the compensation plan can only be paid out if your income limit is not exceeded in the process. When you buy a node, you receive an „income limit“ equal to 5 times (5x) the value of the node. This means, for example, if you buy a node for $1000, your income limit is $5,000 that you can receive in maximum commission payments. So if you are actively recommending Streakk, you must always make sure you have enough income limit – if necessary, think about buying a new node in time to increase your income limit.