FAQ – Frequently asked questions and answers


Is there a fee when I request a withdrawal?

Yes, a $10 fee is charged when withdrawing STKK tokens, or eUSD.

Is there a minimum payout amount?

Yes, the minimum payout amount is currently $50.

Can I make "instant payout"?

Currently, the payout time is about 24 hours. Work is being done on a „real-time instant payout“.

I would like to invest in Streakk Nodes. How can I pay?

To buy Streakk Nodes, you need to fund your eUSD account in the Dashboard. For this purpose, a personal deposit address is generated in the dashboard. You can fund your eUSD account to this address at any time.

It is currently possible to deposit with USDT-TRC20 as well as USDT-BEP20.

There is currently no other deposit option!

Is it possible to build a large node from several small nodes?

No, this does not work.

How will my CashFlow (Rewards) be paid out?

The CashFlow is deposited daily in USD into your dashboard. A payout is then made at the current daily rate in STKK. These can then be exchanged at PancakeSwap into e.g. USDT.


What exactly do I need to make money with Nodes?

You need the Streakk wallet, this is simply downloaded from the app store, as well as a crypto ID (this is generated in the dashboard) and the cryptocurrency you want to stake on the Streakk wallet.

Is a cryptic ID required to access the nodes?

Yes, this creates a connection between the node in the dashboard and your Streakk wallet. It does not work without it.

How do I get my cryptic ID?

Log in to the dashboard.

1. here select the item „Cryptic ID“ in the menu

2. confirm your identity here with your password, email code and Google 2FA code

3. click on „Generate

Your secure and personal cryptic ID will now be generated and displayed.

Now you have to add it to your Streakk Wallet under the item „Nodes“.

Why do I need the Google 2FA authenticator here?

Streakk works at the highest level of security to protect your assets and cryptos.

I lost my Google 2FA security code? What can I do?

Reinstall the Streakk wallet and reactivate it with your secret 12 seed phrase. Hopefully, you have kept it safe beforehand. Your Google Authenticator will be reset under this process.

How can I now delegate cryptos with Streakk Wallet?

You can delegate your cryptos in 3 steps:

1. open your Streakk app and go to the button „Node“.

2. select your cryptocurrency that you would like to delegate to the staking.

3. click on „Delegate“ to send your cryptos to the staking.

Am I losing control of my cryptos now?

Steakks Wallet is 100% decentralized. Your keys – your cryptos. You are the only one who has control over your cryptos.

How will my cryptos be delegated?

Through the new Streakk (INC) technology, your cryptos are automatically delegated to the validators that generate the highest staking price. This happens without your cryptos leaving your wallet.

Can I see my delegated cryptos in other decentralized wallets?

No. However, you can always see the delegated cryptos on the blockchain.

How do I unstake my cryptos?

Unstaking is done in 3 steps:

1. select your cryptos you want to unstake. Then click on „Unstake

2. now choose either „Unstake Coin“ or „Withdraw Rewards“.

3. enter your withdrawal address and confirm with your Google 2-FA code.

Is there a time lock on my cryptos?

No, you can take them out again at any time „Unstake“.

When are the staking rewards paid out?

Your staking rewards are only paid for one full week at a time. To do this, they must have been staking from month (00:01 UTC) to Sunday (23:59 UTC).

Cryptos that were only delegated in the middle of the week or are also removed (unstaked) do not receive any rewards.

When will the Staking Rewards be credited?

The payment of the rewards always takes place on Wednesday of the following week. And only if the cryptos were in staking for a whole week as described above.

When will I receive my additional Staking Rewards based on the purchase of my Node?

Always on the 2nd day of the following month.

I have lost my 12-seed pharesis. What can I do?

You should keep this in a safe place. If it disappears and you no longer have access to your registered device, no rescue is possible. However, as long as you have access to your device, you can display it at any time in the „Settings“ section by clicking on (Show Secret Phrase).