Streakk Bonus and Affiliate Program

The Streakk Bonus and Affiliate Program allows any active Streakk affiliate to earn additional bonus payouts on purchases made by referred affiliates.

Streakk offers a total of 3 ways to earn money through the referral program.

  1. The Level Bonus
  2. The Rank Royalty Bonus
  3. The Global Lifetime Pool

We will discuss all three ways of earning money in more detail in this tutorial.



Streakk Rewards Plan english

1. Streakk Level Bonus

General information: All earned bonuses are directly posted in real time in USDT in your back office.

There is an 80/20 rule here. This means that 80% of the bonus is directly available and will be credited to the Available eUSD account. 20% of the bonus amount will be credited to your BuyBack Wallet (BuyBackWallet).

You have to think of the BuyBack Wallet as a kind of piggy bank. The entire amount accumulated in this piggy bank will be paid out to you over a period of 3 quarters starting from the third quarter of 2024, when the Streakk Blockchain goes online.

Until that time, you are effectively lending Streakk 20% of the bonus payment. Streakk then uses this money to buy up STKK tokens that are traded daily on the exchange. These tokens are then destroyed (burned).

This ensures a stable price increase as the token becomes more valuable by decreasing in the market.

You can now withdraw your Available eUSDT or use it to buy another node. Another option would be to transfer this balance directly to your Streakk Wallet App and earn more money there by staking. Please read the tutorial „Streakk Wallet APP„.

Note: Always make sure you have enough income limit! You get or increase your income limit with the purchase of a Streakk Node. For example, if you buy a 1000 dollar Streakk Node + (5x) you will have a total income limit of 5000 dollars. This means that you are now entitled to receive bonus payments worth 5000 dollars.

If you refer Streakk now, you should always make sure to have enough income limit so that you don’t lose any commission payments, e.g. due to a large purchase of a Streakk Node by a referred affiliate.

If necessary, buy a new Streakk Node in time to increase your income limit.

How does the Streakk Level Bonus work?

In the so-called Streakk Unilevel Plan you can see exactly how much percentage you will get from the sale of a Streakk Node. Please note the different recommendation levels.

Streakk Level Bonus english

For example, you talk to your colleague about Streakk. He senses your enthusiasm for Streakk and decides to register with Streakk as well and then buys, for example, a 1000 dollar Streakk Node. Your colleague is now in the Level 1 category. For this purchase you immediately get 150 dollars booked into your back office.

Your colleague is now also an enthusiastic Streakk investor and invites his sister to join Streakk. She also buys a 1000 Dollar Node. Your colleague’s sister is now in level 2 of your level plan. On the purchase of the sister they would now get 100 dollars credited.

This is how the level plan continues until level 15.

Note: Only the levels are unlocked that correspond to the number of direct partners who have actively purchased a node. It doesn’t matter if the partner has bought only a small node of 100 dollars or a big node for 25.000 dollars or more.

Every level that has been unlocked once remains active forever.

You are perfectly positioned if all 15 levels are unlocked, but this also requires at least 15 active partners.

Bonus and Compensation Plan Part 1 of 3 – Video Tutorial

Streakk Rank Royalty Bonus

What is the Streakk Rank Royalty Bonus?

Every time you reach a new career level or rank, the so-called Rank Royalty Bonus is paid out over a period of 4 monthly installments.

Global Lifetime Pool Rank Royalty english

Your sales volume is calculated from the commuted team volume of your entire downline (partners in all levels) taking into account the 40% rule. This means that for each leg (partner) only a maximum of 40% of the respective rank is taken into account to determine your commuted team volume.

An example to make this clear: To reach the rank Emerald, your commuted sales volume through your entire downline (partner) must amount to 100,000 dollars. The 40% rule means that you will be credited with a maximum volume of $40,000 per partner (leg). When you reach the rank of Emerald, you will receive a bonus of 4,000 dollars spread over 4 months, i.e. 1000 dollars per month.

Very diligent and active partners will have earned $4,000,000 by the time they reach the highest career level.

Once a rank is reached, the revenue is not deleted. It will continue to be commuted and recalculated when a new rank is reached.

There is no time limit for reaching the ranks, as it is often found in other programs. Once a rank is reached, it does not expire.

You work at your own pace!

Bonus and Compensation Plan Part 2 of 3 – Video Tutorial

Streakk Global Lifetime Pool

How does the Streakk Global Lifetime Pool work?

Starting from the rank Sapphire 25, you will participate in Streakk’s total monthly revenue. This way Streakk rewards especially active affiliates.

In total, this bonus order is divided into 4 levels, as you can see in the next graphic.

Global Lifetime Pool english

Each month Streakk provides a total pool of 10% of the total revenue.

If you qualify for the Global Lifetime Pool, you will receive a share of the revenue generated by your downline (partner). One share is equal to $500 team sales volume.

The first level you have to reach to be eligible for the Streakk Global Lifetime Pool is the rank Sapphire 25.

The next level is Diamond, then Crown Diamond and the last level is Vice President.

The bonus from the Global Lifetime Pool is always paid on the 2nd day of the month.

Bonus and Compensation Plan Part 3 of 3 – Video Tutorial

Streakk Global Lifetime Pool – payout explained again in detail