Streakk payout

Tutorial topic Streakk payout: Cashflow and bonus payments from the affiliate program can be paid out directly at any time!

In your STREAKK back office, you will see 2 different payout accounts.

The so-called „Available eUSD“ account consists of bonus payments received, which come from the affiliate program’s compensation plan.

The „Available STKK“ account, in turn, consists of the STKK balance generated by the cash flow of the node purchase. (2% weekly, or 8.66% monthly, for 100 weeks, the payments are made daily).

Streakk Backoffice Auszahlung

1. available USDT balance (Available eUSD)
2. available STKK balance (Available STKK) in USD. This will be converted at the current STKK token rate in case of a withdrawal.

In our example here, $50 would be paid out from the USDT balance (Available eUSD).

Payout Step 1

Streakk Payout

1. please select the menu item „Payout“ which stands for payment
2. please select the item (Request), which stands for request
3. a new window will open. Here you need to select from which balance account you want to make a payout.
4. click on the „Next“ button to continue the process.

In the following window you have to enter the desired withdrawal amount and your desired withdrawal address to which the funds should be transferred.

Payout Step 2

Streakk Payout eUSD

1. please enter the desired payout amount in USD.
2. please insert the desired USDT-BEP20 payout address of the recipient
3. click the „Next“ button to continue.

Important note: When paying out USDT, please note that a USDT-BEP20 (BNB Smart Chain) address must be entered as the recipient address.

If you enter a wrong address to the wrong network, e.g. when using an ERC20 Ethereum network or a TRC20 Tron network, this will result in a total loss of your sent USDT.

In the following step, you will have to verify yourself once again.

Payout Step 3

Streakk Payout verifizieren

1. here you request an email verification code. Please click on the button „Send Code“.
2. you will receive a code to your email address, please insert it here.
3. enter your Google 2FA Authenticator code here
4. here you confirm the withdrawal process. Please click on the button „CONFIRM). The desired amount will now be transferred.
5. under the menu item „History“ you can see all your requested payouts.

A tip from us: Why don’t you use the available USDT credit to buy more STREAKK Nodes and increase your cash flow!

To pay out the available STKK balance (Available STKK), instead of the USDT-BEP20 recipient address, you simply need to enter an STKK
recipient address.

If you want to exchange your STKK tokens to USDT, do it directly at PancakeSwap.

Below you will find a tutorial video!

Just enter your deposit address of a decentralized wallet (e.g. MetaMask), which is connected to PancakeSwap.

Here the BNB Smart Chain network is used for the transfer.

Your STKK balance (Available STKK) cannot be used directly to purchase additional STREAKK nodes.

You need to perform the step described above.

If you do not want to buy another STREAKK Node, you can simply send your STKK tokens to the STREAKK Wallet for staking.

One last note: There is a $10 withdrawal fee for each withdrawal.

This will be deducted from your amount specified for withdrawal!

The minimum withdrawal amount is currently $50.