Streakk registration and verification

Registration at STREAKK is completely free and without any obligation!


To register with Streakk you can use the registration link or the QR CODE:

Registration link:

QR Code

QR Code Streakk Registrierung

After that you will get to the registration page.

Registrierung Streakk Formular

1. please enter your email address

2. please choose a password

3. please confirm your password and enter it again

4. please enter your first name

5. please enter your last name

6. please choose the country you live in

7. confirm that the information you have provided is correct and that Streakk may inform you of any changes.

8. please submit the form

Now you will see a welcome text telling you that an email has been sent to your specified email address for confirmation.

Please go to your email program and confirm it.

Streakk Registrierung Komplett

1. if you have not received an email, you can request the confirmation email again here.

2. here you can log in to your account (backoffice/dashboard) at STREAKK.

To confirm your email address an email was sent to the email address you provided.

If you did not receive an email from STREAKK there, please check your email spam folder.

Streakk Email Bestätigung

This is what the email sent by STREAKK looks like. Please click on the button „CONFIRM EMAIL“ in the email to confirm your email address.

A new browser window will open and you are ready to log in to your STREAKK account for the first time.

Streakk Login Seite

1. please enter your email address

2. please enter your previously chosen password

3. click on the „LOG IN“ button

4. this function can be used in case you forgot your password

Welcome to your back office / dashboard at STREAKK

Streakk Backoffice erster Login

Your account is now set up and registration is complete.

Security settings in STREAKK Backoffice

For security-relevant transactions, such as login or payments, you need Google two-factor authentication. You can set this up in the back office under the menu item „Security“.

Streakk Backoffice Erklärung

1. please select the item „profiles“ in the menu

2. please click on the „Security“ item there.

3. click the „Next“ button and follow the instructions.

After these steps are done you can continue with the points 4-6

4. here you can change your password (Password)

5. here you can change your profile data (Account)

6. here you can upload a profile picture (Upload photo)

Instructions and tutorials on how to set up Google Authenticator can be found on Youtube!

An important note: Keep the Authenticator Key carefully in a safe place. This is the only way to restore Google Authenticator if you lose your smartphone!