STREAKK USDT account recharge to buy Nodes

Charge STREAKK USDT tutorial

By purchasing STREAKK Nodes, you participate in the entire node infrastructure of STREAKK.

After purchasing a Streakk Node, you generate three streams of income.

When you buy a $100 node, you already secure a 2% higher Staking Reward payout.

Depending on the size of the purchased node, this can be increased up to 8%.

Here is an overview of the income streams:

1. From the value of the node purchased by you, you generate a weekly cash flow of 2% over the period of 100 weeks. The payment is made daily to your back office / dashboard. This means that you will receive double the value of the purchase price over the term of the contract.
can have this paid out at any time.
2. you receive the in-house token STKK in the value of the purchased Node as a gift from STREAKK. However, these are blocked by STREAKK for 100 weeks. After this time, you dispose freely of the tokens and can then sell them at the market price. (You can expect a significant increase in the value of the STKK tokens).
3. your Staking Rewards will increase depending on the Streakk Node you purchased by 2%, 5% or by a full 8% for the STREAKK Dedicated Node Pro.

Currently STREAKK offers the following Node for sale:

Streakk Node ÜbersichtQuelle:

Within the different node categories you can participate with the following amounts:

Shared Node

Herewith you increase your Staking Rewards by 2%

Streakk Shared Node

Dedicated Node

Herewith you increase your Staking Rewards by 5%

Streakk Dedicated Node

Dedicated Node Pro

Herewith you increase your Staking Rewards by 8%

Streakk Dedicated Node Pro

Of course, it is also possible to buy several different Nodes. Each node has a lifetime of 7 years. The additional staking rewards are always based on the most expensive purchased node in your inventory.

Linking your back office / dashboard and your Streakk Wallet:
Before you can send (delegate) your cryptocurrencies to the STREAKK Wallet for staking, you must enter your personal Cryptic ID (Cryptic ID) once. You must generate this beforehand in your back office. Only with this ID you can connect your backoffice with the STREAKK Wallet. Please note that once a connection has been created, it can no longer be changed by you.


STREAKK Nodes are paid in USDT currency. In order to buy a STREAKK Node from your back office, you must have enough funds in your eUSD account (Available eUSD).

Streakk Backoffice Cryptic ID

1. your Available USDT (Available eUSDT) – this is both your deposit and withdrawal account.

This account will be used to purchase nodes or withdraw funds generated by marketing plan bonuses.

2. the STREAKK TOKENS (STKK) (STKK withdrawal account) available for you.

This account is credited with the daily cash flow you receive from your Node purchase. (2% weekly for a period of 100 weeks).

The USD amount will be paid out here at the current rate in STKK tokens. If you want to pay out this amount, you must always have a STKK address,
such as your personal STKK deposit address from your STREAKK Wallet.

However, you can also pay out to any other decentralized wallet, such as Metamask, and then exchange the tokens for other currencies at PancakeSwap.

3. your blocked STKK tokens (STKK staked).

These are the STREAKK tokens (STKK) you receive when you buy a Node, they are blocked for 100 weeks as described before.

To load funds you will need your USDT deposit address. You can find it in your back office under the „Node Infra“ section and then click on Load eUSD.

A deposit from you can currently be deposited into 2 networks.

The Tron network (TRC20) and the BNB Smart Chain network (BEP/BSC) of Binance.

By selecting the network of your choice, your deposit address will be generated.

From this moment on, you can use it permanently for deposits to your USDT account (Available eUSD) at STREAKK.

Streakk Load eUSD

1. Please select the item „Node Infra“ from the menu in the back office.
2. please select the item „Load eUSD“.
3. a new window will open. There please choose your preferred network. Your deposit address will be generated.

Now you will see your personal, permanent deposit address for your USDT account (Available eUSD)

Streakk Load eUSDT TRC20

Here you can see an example after clicking the button „USDT-TRC20“.

Important Note: Be sure to send your USDT to the correct network and to your personal deposit address.

Sending USDT to the wrong address or network will result in the loss of your USDT. NEVER send your USDT via the Ethereum ERC20 network.


Now that you have enough funds in your USDT account, you can buy your first STREAKK Node.

Streakk Node kaufen im Dashboard

1. please select the item „Node Infra“ from the menu.
2. please select here the item „Buy Node“.
3. decide which node you want to buy and the amount you want to buy by using the dropdown arrows.
4. select the desired amount
5. click on the „Buy Now“ button to start the purchase process.
6. please note that you have the possibility to buy the node either for yourself or for a partner in your downline.
If you want to buy a node for a partner in your downline, you need the email address of your partner.

Now you have to confirm the purchase by clicking on the button „CONFIRM PURCHASE“.

Streakk Node Kauf akzeptieren

To do this, click the „Confirm Purchase“ button [CONFIRM PURCHASE] in the popup and the node purchase will be completed.