STREAKK Wallet App

What can the Streakk Wallet app do and how exactly does it work. We’ll take a look at that in this Streakk tutorial.

Are you looking for a secure wallet where your cryptos never leave your wallet? Then you are right with the unique and completely decentralized Streakk Wallet App. This is made possible by Streakk’s novel INC technology. INC stands for Integrated Node Cluster.

Only you alone dispose of your Streakk Wallet App and thus your cryptos.

The next ingenious point to mention in this context, there is no time commitment for staking (Non Costody Staking) with Streakk. You can dispose of your staked cryptocurrencies at any time.

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Streakk Staking Rewards without own Streakk Node

Streakk gives you Staking Rewards for staking with the Streakk Wallet app, which can be seen in the image below. And this is just the beginning, as gradually all major cryptocurrencies will follow for staking.

Rewards are always paid for a „complete“ week. In this case, the week starts Sunday at midnight (0:00 UTC time). The payout of the earned rewards will then take place in the following week always on Wednesday.

Staking Rewards ohne Streakk Node

An important note: If you take your cryptocurrencies out of staking prematurely within the started weekly cycle, no staking compensation will be paid for this week. This will only be paid out if there is a complete, uninterrupted week.

You need to register with Streakk in order to delegate (send) your cryptocurrencies to Staking. After registering, you can then generate the required free Cryptic ID. You will need this to be able to earn Staking Rewards with the Streakk wallet app.

Streakk Staking Rewards with purchased Streakk Node

At Streakk you have the possibility to buy so called nodes or shares of them. That means you participate in the Streakk Node infrastructure. By buying a Streakk Node you increase the above mentioned Staking Rewards for a period of 5 years by additional percentages. These go from 2%, 5% to 8% depending on the size of the node purchased. For the purchase of a $100 node you would increase your staking by 2%.

By purchasing a Streakk Node you open up a total of 3 income streams.

  1. You increase the Staking Rewards by the mentioned 2, 5 or 8%.
  2. You receive a weekly cash flow over a 100 week term from the value of the Node you purchased. (This means that you double your investment).
  3. You get free STKK tokens (Streakk’s in-house token) in the value of the purchased node. You can cash them out after 100 weeks at the market value.

Read our tutorial on how to buy Streakk Node !

Streakk Nodes Übersicht

Here’s how your Streakk Staking Rewards can increase, with a Streakk Node of your own.

Streakk Wallet english

Another important note: Your additional Staking Rewards triggered by the purchase of a Streakk Node will not be distributed on Wednesday of the following week, but separately always on the 2nd day of the following month.